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Intuitive Counseling Sessions

The Turning Point is an intensive one-on-one transformational experience.

Three Hour In-Depth Session

Individual and Skype Counseling Session

ILC Study Group

Come Explore Two Different Subjects:

Lift the veil and step into the awe and
10 wonders of the Holy Angels

What is the power of spiritual protection? Is
that something we need?

ILC Study Group- Mary Elizabeth Marlow
1102 Chancellor Walk Court
Saturday, May 26
Cost: $20
2pm to 5pm
Open Class
For information: memarlow9@cox.net

Come Join The
Advanced Dream Circle

Six Tuesday Evenings
7pm to 9pm March 27 to May 1
With Elizabeth Marlow

For all of us, there are those special moments when something deep and soulful touches our heart. It happened to me many years ago when a friend and I spontaneously decided to enter the doors of an Episcopal Church in New York City. The morning service had not yet begun. Once seated, I casually opened a prayer book when words suddenly jumped out at me, "You come to me in dreams and visions in the night and you hear me not." I immediately turned to my friend who just happened to be Dr. Michael A Daddio, dream expert, and said, "Let's leave. I am ready now to study Dreams…" and so began a journey in the dream world which continues to this day…

This Advanced Dream Circle is for those who once heard the clarion call to listen to their dreams and are eager to expand their dream journey. They are ready for experiences which are new, fresh, inspiring, and profound. Together, we will …

  • Tell our dreams and draw our dreams using stick figures… drawings by-pass the linear mind and go straight to the soul.
  • Explore the connection between dreams and the Akashic Record
  • Advanced Dream Circle
  • Begin to create your own Dream Profile
  • Learn from the Biblical dreams of Jacob and Samuel
  • Shift from old patterns to grace while in your dream
  • Experience visitations, complete repeating dreams, become familiar over time with some twenty types of dreams
  • Life transitions are accompanied by confirming dreams

This Dream Circle will be at the home of Elizabeth Marlow, 903 Goldsboro Ave., Va. Beach, Va. 23451 Cost is $150. Send check to above address. For more information contact: memarlow9@cox.net 757 425-7452. Limited space.


An On-line Training Program

Reading the Soul Patterns in spontaneous drawings is an original model created by Elizabeth Marlow. These drawings by-pass the linear mind, reveal challenges and gifts, yet are both playful and profound.

Elizabeth taught the art of interpreting drawings for some twenty-five years in the United States and throughout her sixty teaching trips to Europe.

This training is for anyone who wants a spiritually accelerated program for their own personal growth. It also equips practitioners, counselors, teachers, and therapists with new insights.

In Windows of the Soul, Level Two, we explore three new drawings as a continuum to the first level. Dates and times are: Wednesday evenings 7-9:00 p.m. April 18, April 25th,and May 2nd. Cost: $130. Send to 903 Goldsboro Ave. Va. Beach, Va. 23452. For more information about Windows Of the Soul, contact memarlow9@cox.net