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Intuitive Counseling Sessions

The Turning Point is an intensive one-on-one transformational experience.

Three Hour In-Depth Session

Individual and Skype Counseling Session

Drawing Your Insights

Spontaneous Drawings are an original model created by Mary Elizabeth Marlow. These drawings are a window to the soul. (No art ability required. Stick figures work well). Join with two other friends for a two-hour experience drawing one or more spontaneous drawings-sharing, discovering and learning all the while. drawingExpect to gain helpful insights about the challenges, unique talents, and latent gifts of your soul's journey. The process is deep and provocative yet gentle and playful. $75 per person. Contact Memarlow9@cox.net or 757-425-7452 to schedule a drawing session.
The two hours was a delight. FANTASTIC!
- Arleen Cohen

ILC Study Group

We Continue in the Mythic Realm
Come Explore Women's Mysteries

ILC Study Group- Mary Elizabeth Marlow
Saturday, November 4
1102 Chancellor Walk Court
Cost: $20
2pm to 5pm
Open Class
For information: memarlow9@cox.net

October Event:
Talk with Elizabeth Marlow

"My Thirteen Years with Paul Solomon"

Spontaneous Drawings

Online Program

Spontaneous Drawings are a window to the soul. This original model created by Mary Elizabeth Marlow is the culmination of some twenty-five years of exploring drawings as an intuitive way to by-pass the linear mind and go direct to the soul. These drawings take us to deeper levels of the psyche which otherwise could take months, or years even, to discover. They go right to the heart of the matter. They reveal challenges, patterns, unique talents, latent gifts, and soul attributes. Come expecting to gain helpful insights. The process is deep and provocative, yet gentle and playful.

In this Spontaneous Drawings program you can:

  • Accelerate personal growth
  • Acquire new skills for therapists, teachers, practitioners
  • Expand your knowledge of metaphors
  • Share experiences with others
  • Learn from everyone's drawings

Each of the three sessions include an introduction to spontaneous drawings, a brief explanation about the title of the drawing for that session, a quiet ten minutes to draw (no art ability required and stick figures work well) have crayons beside you, a firm surface, and white computer size paper to draw on. All drawings will be shown to the group. Each person will be given supportive input on your drawings. The group session follows with discussion and questions.

Paul Solomon Once you register we will provide you with the technical information about Zoom, skype-like video service for groups, which is simple and easy to set up. There are no specific technical skills required to use this technology.

WEDNESDAY'S at 7:00-9:00 PM EST
October 25, 2017
November 8, 2017
November 15, 2017

To Register: The fee for all three sessions is $125.00. Please send check or money order to
Elizabeth Marlow, 903 Goldsboro Ave.
Va. Beach, Va. 23451
Limited spots are available.

For information: memarlow9@cox.net

Mary Elizabeth Marlow is an author, intuitive counselor, and transpersonal teacher. Her books are translated into nine languages. She has presented her work in the U.S.A. as well as in Europe, including some sixty teaching trips.