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Mary Elizabeth Marlow - Speaker, Counselor, Intuitive


Mary Elizabeth Marlow is the author of Jumping Mouse: A Story about Inner Trust, Handbook for the Emerging Woman, and co-author with Joseph Rael  (Beautiful Painted Arrow) of Being and Vibration. Her books have been translated in seven languages: Spanish, German, Turkish, Hebrew, Norwegian, French, Korean and Portuguese. In addition, she has been featured in a number of international magazines including New Woman, Live Lyst, Human Potential, Libelle, Onkruid, and Hjemmet.

Mary Elizabeth  is a transpersonal teacher who has spoken to a wide range of audiences including: 1999 International Peace Conference ( The Hague), Mythic Journey Conference (Atlanta),  Whole Life Expo (New York and Los Angeles),  Woman and Power Conference   (London),  Association for Research and Enlightenment (Virginia Beach), Center for Recovering Families (Houston), Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit (London) International Day of the Woman (Madrid) and the Royal Academy of Medicine (both Oslo and Amsterdam)

In addition to her own work, Mary Elizabeth also co-taught for thirteen years with Paul Solomon, an international teacher of esoteric wisdom. Their work together took her to many parts of the United States, Europe and Israel where they presented a course entitled Inner Light Consciousness and gave retreat programs and advanced trainings.  She later co-taught for ten years with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), a Native American mystic and shaman. Their programs, presented in Europe and in the Southwest, included Vision Quests, Sacred Sites and Ceremonies, Thunder Calling, Mysteries of the Dance, and The Metaphoric Mind.

Mary Elizabeth graduated from the University of Richmond with a BA in English and a minor in fine arts and religion and did graduate work in counseling at the College of William and Mary.  She spent some twenty-five years exploring the creative possibilities of spontaneous drawings. Such drawings truly are cryptograms from the soul. The result is an original model (The Art of Interpreting Spontaneous Drawings) which has both therapeutic and diagnostic benefits. She first became interested in drawings some years ago when she trained and was certified under Drs. Carl and Stephanie Simonton, oncologist and psychologist, known for their pioneer work in visualization as an efficient means to stimulate the immune system. With the Simontons, she learned the power of using spontaneous drawings as a way to by-pass the linear mind and give information which otherwise could take weeks or months to uncover. Mary Elizabeth then began to develop other kinds of drawings, some twenty or more, each with specific diagnostic and therapeutic components.  Over the years, she has used spontaneous drawings and clay work with individual clients, in family sessions, and with seminar groups.  She has presented trainings in the United States, Holland, and in Norway at the Nidaros-Fonder, the Medical Congress in Trondheim. 

Mary Elizabeth Marlow - Speaker, Counselor, IntuitiveA life-time quest has been to explore the unifying spirit behind all traditions.  Journeys to Europe, India, Egypt, and the Middle East have given Mary Elizabeth the opportunity to interface with the mysteries and metaphors of a variety of traditions and cultures and experience first hand the universal application and profound impact of the mythic realm. She brings ancient stories to the audience with warmth, and wisdom, ritual, and ceremony.  In so doing, she invites others to sense their own inner alliance with the collective wisdom of the great stories and awaken to their own truth. 

Mandala created by John Stuart Atkinson for Mary Elizabeth